Hillary is White. Obama says he’s African American. It is what It is…Aint it?

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Regarding Zillah Eisenstein article: “Hillary is White”, published on 5/18/08 at:


Yes, there are those who say Senator Hillary Clinton is a white woman who uses or exploits her whiteness and does not speak for or on behalf of most women; and is not a feminist. However, some aspects of the historical women’s movement if examined critically might place Senator Clinton as a classic archetype of that movement. Alice Paul and Lucy Burns were ready to march in the streets and take on the ole white boys on the hill but thought it best to leave their illustrious and dignified black sister Ida B. Wells in the office serving coffee. But Sister Ida said hell no…I will be there, and she was there! The late NY-Rep. Bella Abzug, with her odd assortment of millinery told the then Congresswoman from NY-12 District, The Unbought and Unbossed, The Good Fight, fighter the late, Shirley Chisholm, that a black woman cannot win the presidency. With that being said, most in the women’s movement followed Abzug and Gloria Steinem throwing their support behind Senator George McGovern. [Though some in the movement did back Edmond “crybaby” Muskie] So through this “democratic-side” of the 2008 campaigns, I too am r-e-p-u-l-s-e-d by “progressives” whether they call themselves black or white who are blind to their own double standards flocking to and hiding behind Senators Clinton and Obama. If it can be truthfully said:

Hillary is a sexual decoy. She looks like a woman but is not a feminist nor does she speak for or on behalf of most women. She speaks for white people while identifying with her gender, as a woman.

Then, could it be that:

Obama is a racial decoy? He looks like an African American but is not an African American nor does he speak for or on behalf of most African American people. He speaks for white people while identifying with African American people”.

Sadly, it appears that most white people aboard the “Good Ship Obama” feel comfortable with and trust Senator Obama because he has a white mother; that is they see him as bi-racial. Senator Obama knows this; which is why he could not take the risk of “legitimizing” Rev. Wright’s statements in anyway. Even though it is likely that Senator Obama knows in his heart that much of what Rev. Wright said was plausible and “legit” in the eyes of most African Americans, still he must keep the comfort level up among white people at the expenses of the discomfort, and legitimate criticisms most African Americans have about this country.

African Americans and their “leaders” who are “rollin’ with Senator Obama” might be just plain “rollin’ the dice”. If the “Brother” cannot frame the issues and concerns of African American people within the purview of national interests during his electoral campaign, what makes them believe he will “look out” for these interests and concerns if he is elected president? So it seems these African Americans and many of their “leaders” are backing Senator Obama because he identifies himself as an African American and they long to see an “African America” president.

At the same time as Senator Obama is identifying as an “African American” he is mum on crucial issues that impact African Americans for fear many of his white supporters will abandon him. Just as Senator Clinton is said to not speak for or on the behalf of women, Senator Obama can be said to not speak for or on the behalf of African Americans.

Amata Hetepunuta


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