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The Spirit of Religion

Is there really a “God”, or an Allah, a Yahweh, a Jehovah, a Brahma, or Jesus etc., who instructs their followers to murder, oppress and deny people of their human and civil rights via discriminatory laws and practices? Is there an “almighty sovereign ruler of all” telling “believers” to “set at naught” or de-humanize other human beings whom peacefully and respectfully choose not to believe in any one or more of the several “Holy Books”.

Most followers [and their Books] say only their Holy Book and or prophet’s gives “true guidance”. Many of these “true believers” take to the streets, knocking on doors and are quite demonstrative concerning their “religious doctrines”. Others silently pray for the conversion or demise of the “disbelievers”. While still others declare war “undercover” and “atop of the cover” against the “sinful disbelievers”. Even though most talk about “their God” personally coming to “judge” and bring “judgment” on the “disbeliever” for not believing, they seem not to believe this at all. For the “true believers” do not faithfully wait upon “their God” to come and “handle” his business with the disbelievers; instead they come together whether at their meeting places or at the ballot boxes to “judge” and pass “judgment” on the “disbelievers” all the time. For they all are convinced that their “one and only God in heaven” whom no man or woman can see, makes them the trustees over the entire earth and its inhabitants.

Some set out claiming “their Gods” blessing to take by force if necessary the share of the “disbelievers”. As they march off to their respective battlefields, they pray giving thanks and praises to “their God” for such “blessings” as they have and hope to receive. With one breath, they pray for the “salvation” of the “disbelievers” that they may one day “believe”. Within the next breath they pray for destruction of dis-believers as infidels so that “their kingdom may come”. Above all, they pray for “world peace”.

Nonetheless, there are those among the “dammed disbelievers” who realize they are indeed “The People Who Think”. They are the people who reflect about all of these things. Most have lived and many still live among the “true believers”. Therefore, they know their ways. The people who think realize there can be no real peace and freedom for them and other beings while living among the “true believers”. For the “true believers” point to their “Holy Books” and say they alone must have it all. Now just what are the “dammed disbelievers” to do?


Is there “a space” in true religion for justice and compassion? Is there a place in what is now called “religion” for people to articulate and peacefully live out differences of views and life choices without being the recipient of infidel and sinner proclamations, death threats or being treated “less than”? May it be possible for one to have a full, good life on earth and a promising “hereafter” solely through the cultivation of the mind and by the personification of the universal the law of cause and effect?

Yes, “The earth is spacious”. Yet, there seems not to be a “place” upon its face, where we have learned to live together in true and lasting peace.

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