Seseni Means Lotus

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Seseni is a personal nickname I have given myself, as well as to my aspiration. I borrowed it from the Kemetic or ancient Egyptian writings known as The Book of Coming Forth by Day[circa. 5000 BC]; and the Buddha Dhamma or Buddhist writings called The Dhammapada[200BC]; and The Lotus Sutra[1st century CE]. The Lotus is a beautiful but robust flower. It can grow and thrive in the most unfavorable of conditions and still maintain its beauty and appealing qualities. About twelve years ago, a local Bhikkhu, that’s a male Buddhist Monk from Sri Lanka, gave me a copy of the Dhammapada and “told me to read it”. Now to be “told” to do something is for me not very motivating. None the less, probably due to some “latent karmic influences” sown many life times ago, I decided to read the copy of The Dhammapada which the monk gave to me. It was then that I discovered the following verse:

“Upon a heap of rubbish in a roadside ditch blooms a lotus, fragrant and pleasing”.

Even today, I clearly remember my very first thought after reading this verse: “How lovely, simple but profound. This is really cool! I can do this!” I said to myself. Meaning, I could be like a lotus, or anyways, I would try to be like one. Imagine, being unflappable and able to rise above all chaos and confusion when everything is upside down! Well, now it’s been a while since I have taken on my “lotus persona” and for the most part, I would say that I have been a pretty pleasing lotus! {Okay, what doggie won’t wag its own tail?} To be honest, there are still many days when the mud gets way too high, thick, and hard. And the garbage of others atop of my own mess makes me feel as if I should have picked another kind of flower. Or maybe it is that I am really impersonating a weed!

What else can I say except life can and will teach you tough but valuable lessons. The short of all this is; I too am “on a move” with all the lessons I’ve learned stowed away safely in my heart! But guess what else? Still, can you believe “I wouldn’t take nothin’ for my journey”? That is, I don’t regret nor would I trade away one day of it. Because even as I am traveling through life, all the while I have learned to still be at home with myself! You see, truly for me there is no place like home. For I am learning how to make home quite a comfortable place to be.

Nuk Seseni ab per em khu!

Nam Myohorengekyo!


“Nuk Seseni ab per em khu”is taken from the Kemetic or Ancient Egyptian writings known as The Book of the Coming Forth by Day. It means, “I am like a true lotus”.

“[Nam] Myohorengekyo”is the Japanese for the title of the Mahayana Buddha Dhamma (Dharma) scripture called The Lotus Sutra.

It means homage to the Lotus Sutra. In its pages are the explanation of the universal sublime law of cause and effect; the divine teaching of the knowledge of the equality and difference of all things and the possibility of perfection in all human beings. This is the key to justice and peace on earth among humanity.

Aunk Hetep 2U! Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu



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